Whatsapp with Facebook?

Hi guys! This is a last minute effort on covering this recent incident, and Kronos had to go out on some work. So I had to make a small article on this. Anyways, as you know, Whatsapp with Facebook? It is like Facebook has way too much money. Yes, you must have heard of it too. Whatsapp was bought for a whopping $19 billion, when it could have been downloaded for free. I’m sorry, lame joke. On a serious note, Facebook has bought the famous chat app that is used by nearly everyone who has access to a smartphone. I guess Facebook has done the right thing by buying it, considering how they are trying connect the world as much as possible. Now that Whatsapp is under Facebook, Whatsapp can be funded even more so that can it become a much more advanced app that provides their services to people who haven’t exactly seen it. After Whatsapp was bought, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that Whatsapp will work independently. He also mentioned that since Facebook Messenger allows people to chat with other Facebook Users, and Whatsapp allows people to chat to other people who are in their contacts, both parties can provide valuable input that can make them better than what they are now.

Was the purchase worth it?

Even with their agenda, was their purchase worth it?

I guess some could say that Facebook might have also panicked over the growing success of Whatsapp, and in a hasty attempt, bought them with an offer they couldn’t have refused. Come to think, as far as chatting services are concerned, Whatsapp is more preferred than Facebook.  But I prefer to choose the theory on top.

Kronos will try to make a bigger article later, but for now, this is all I can do. Come back later for the updated version of this article. Follow the Tire and Spread the Word. Auf Wiedersehen!


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