It’s fun fact time again! And this time, we are talking about YouTube!

The founders of YouTube

It’s a shame, but I have to admit this. I didn’t know the creators of YouTube till I did some research recently. YouTube has become a daily necessity now and we use the mega video sharing site 15 minutes a day in an average.

So, who are the brilliant minds who created this site?

YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005. All three worked for another Internet start up, PayPal. YouTube was intitally funded by the bonuses the creators received following the eBay buy-out of PayPal. I guess it’s safe to say that YouTube wouldn’t have existed without PayPal?

Anyways, how did the the trio come up with the idea of YouTube?

It’s rumored that YouTube first started out as a video dating site dubbed “Tune In Hook Up”, supposedly influenced by HotorNot. We all remember HotorNot, don’t we! Ultimately, they decided not on creating such a site but rather create a video sharing site after Karim failed at finding an online footage of Janet Jackson‘s “wardrobe malfunction” (Oh, you cheeky genius!), and when Hurley and Chen were unable to share videos taken during a dinner party over the internet.

YouTube or utube?

Official site of Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation

After YouTube registered their domain name on Valentines day in 2005, the company site of Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment, “” faced a lot of traffic from people who tried to spell the video site’s name phonetically. The manufacturing company sued YouTube claiming that their business was damaged due to YouTube, but their claims were dismissed (seriously, who even dares to sue YouTube?) They moved their site

So, what was the first video ever uploaded on YouTube?

It was titled “Meet me at the zoo” (click on the hyperlink to view the video) by on of the co-founders Jawed Karim. I was actually expecting the dinner party videos!

The selling and buying.

Google, the giant search engine, bought YouTube on November 2006 for $1.65 billion! That’s worth 5 A-380 (the largest passenger Aircraft). *Whistle* Google has probably recovered twice the money by now!

YouTube also started a ‘snake game’ while the video buffers. Open any video, pause and press the up and left arrows simultaneously. Voila!

Prank lover.

YouTube, or rather Google now, love to prank people. We have seen brilliant, creative pranks on April Fools day each year. The first year YouTube started pranking, every video on the homepage was actually a Rickroll!

In 2009, they turned the site upside down (Funny, yet quite gives you a neck ache) and in 2010, they made an attempt to reduce bandwidth costs and a “Textp” mode was introduced, which translated colors in the videos into text. Mother of pranksters!

2011 saw a button added to the video player which, when clicked would apply a video filter to the video and replace the audio with a recording of Rhapsody Rag, a piece typically played as background music in 1911.

2012 is the best. They added a small disc on the right side of the logo, which when clicked led to a page called “The YouTube Collection”. It claimed to be an at-home experience of YouTube and my everything from videos to comments physical! At the bottom of the site, it had a fake shipping form, which when filled would display “Your order has been placed. Due to heavy demand, your anticipated delivery date is: JUNE 16, 2045” along with “Also, April Fools” written in small grey text at the bottom!

The 2013 prank

2013- YouTube joined forces with The Onion, a newspaper satire company and claimed that the site would no longer accept new entries and it was on the process of selecting a winner on April 1, 2013 and would delete everything else, coming back online only on 2023 to post the winning video and nothing else!

They also uploaded a video where two “submission coordinators” continuously read off titles and descriptions of random videos (nominees apparently) for 12 straight hours!

Can’t wait what these guys would think of for the next year!

That’s it for now guys. Comment below and keep coming back to continue rolling!


One thought on “YouTube

  1. HI, try this trick :
    -pause any video on youtube
    -without clicking anywhere else press 1980 (from the keys above the alphabet keys and not from the number keys on right side of the keyboard.)
    -njoi the game 😉
    -Save & defend the video :v 😉 😛

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